Zion's Chess Journey - Chapter 3 - Reaching 2300

Zion's Chess Journey - Chapter 3 - Reaching 2300


Hey everyone! How are you? It feels that it has been forever since we have written another blog in chess.com, but in the meantime we have been working hard to keep improving!

We will start this blog by sharing one video of an amazing game we played vs. a GM, share a brief graph of Zion's improvement in chess, share the games later when we finally reached 2300, give a shout-out to many friends, will keep working on this one saga, it took a long time! Let's go, C'mon Zion!!!

Wednesday July 3rd, 2019 at about 3:33am will be a day to remember forever!, as the day that we finally reached 2302 in chess.com! C'mon Zion!!!)

Looking back at this graph, it's interesting that we've increased about 200 points since October 2018, though it doesn't seem like much, it took a lot of hard work! It'll be nice to see the day that we pass 2500, C'mon Zion!!!) We try to wake up a little early to train chess before we have to do other things. There are a couple of quotes that give a good motivation to wake up!

"One key to success is to have lunch at the time of day most people have breakfast.“

“The sun has not caught me in bed in fifty years.”

“Wake up early every day so that while others are still dreaming, you can make your dreams come true.”

Today in the midst of training, trying to find the balance between tactics trainer, puzzle rush, going through GM games, or really any interesting chess game, playing training chess games, etc. We had the privilege to play some chess games vs. four masters in a row!

The first game was vs. a National Master, playing White in a Ruy Lopez, those Bc5 lines that Black has, shout-out to a good friend, @TakeNotes4Me, we trained a few games in this kind of positions, which he plays very well! Though we missed an opportunity to trap the queen on move 27, somehow we won the game with a position that seemed very nice!

The second game was vs. a Fide Master, playing white in a Dragon Sicilian, shout-out to another good friend, @FonzaCurry, we trained many chess games especially in the Accelerated Dragon! Though this game somehow transposed to the main line of the Dragon. We tried to play like Bobby Fischer said a long time ago, open up the h-file to go for the check-mate, but he found very good defensive moves, that it ended up being a draw!

The third game was vs. a Grand Master, playing Black in the King's Indian Defense, those lines with pawn to h3-Be3-d5, shout-out to a good friend @luizzy, we trained in similar structures, and also in very similar games to the one we had to play! Before I used to just go for the king-side pawn storm, but experience has been teaching me that perhaps going for c6-cxd5-Nbd7 is another approach to consider. The position was complex, but we were able to win somehow!

The fourth game was vs. a Candidate Master, playing Black in the Sicilian Alapin, with the lines of Nf6-e5-Nd5, shout-out a friend that has been there basically every-livestream, @der_nette, thanks so much!, we had trained in the Alapin the day before, and went through some ideas that were great preparation for these few chess games! Thanks also @jbrazel for mentioning the Alapin, which led to the idea of training in that opening! It went to an early endgame, White had a d6 pawn for a long time very advanced, but somehow we found harmony in our pieces, due to the time pressure missed a mate in 1(, but C'mon Zion never give up!, and again somehow we won this one! 

I know that we still have a long way to go!, yet it has been a great time putting effort to improve, reaching out to others, meeting great friends, and just enjoying life! Thanks to every person that has supported the stream, every friend that we were able to meet in our chess.com team, even the few other friends we were able to meet outside the chess.com team, I want to give a shout-out to everyone really, let me know in the comments if I missed someone, or if you just want a shout-out for fun, I will most definitely keep adding up this list, but just thank you!

I feel that one day it will get to thousands of friends we meet, perhaps even a little more, looking forward to meet all those great friends, we will find the way to keep really thanking everyone, because having made the decision to reach out in this journey of improving in chess has really made a positive difference in my life, I hope to have inspired others, and really be a good friend to everyone, so let's keep going C'mon Zion!!!)

Shout-out to many friends, to be continued, @timothy_s001, @hungrygeek, @Vertwitch, @flyinggmachine, @ZAZ007, @UnpredictableR, @TuckerTommy, @L_Baitis, @FonzaCurry, @Callejacevedo, @Renate-Irene, @BigBunnyChess, @Katty04, @DeltEple, @PawnSplat, @eternalmystery, @DreamVillan, @luizzy, @StefanFigura, @Brandog200, @treshawn798, @kaganguven33, @MAFIA_ELITE, @GoldDog, @AaronGo, @Chessparovik, @MrMathAndScience, @Joestop2, @Elbisto, @migui_g, @Tzzx, @surfsnook, @lookailke, @joaqcarmar5, @Ryuk-Kira, @nikoladrummer, @erichenrique, @SL0M, @KeSetoKaiba, @w1llwolf, @TheTacticianMagician, @garryanatholy, @Lonewulf_NA, @justaPieceOfGame, @Lolinka27, @marcusthegamer123, @Rana_69, @till64, @blitzingbullet007. @ipawnedmychessset, @Rossi0000, @Uzhegov, @halcyonmechanic, @Shnickerder, @as_time_goes_by, @marvelamugz, @DeepConductor, @Wingfooted, @White-angel111, @dirtyuser, @Jmpaslespseudos, @jumpingchesshorse, @kinglybingly, @playe4, @jbrazel, @abjugaor, @Jane_Cummings, @Calculated_Chess, @willitrhyme, @TheTitanRook, @zaveric, @Dragon_Fangs @josiahpower, @ujanninja, @cobrahenz, @hursh_a6_b5, @urphasin, @yoavjm_2004, @lv_wiggster, @Midav_Veahkar, @Rigantona, @twitch_KalliaTV, @Elisabeth13, @psycho1317, @Eternal_Patzer, @DmitriyVP, @Darshan_Haragi_L, @Charlemagno, @HappyMan_UA, @Eric-Erard, @RufusAndDufus, @DrAnomaly555, @GuyAlmog, @Kay5790, @lilibo, @parapipi11, @Kamilotka, @TakeNotes4Me, @sirxyz1, @mellohmooddude, @strider28cpk, @eeeric, @string_dogg,@chess_poems, @phoenixxwastaken, @soultego, @kbkhan91, @rpd350, @barbascacchi, @bertrout, @Miss_Tical, @novacek, @itxSMG, @pwnsrppl2, @fatzl, @Praise, @MrBeard, @blazeroe8, @jasonhaller, @blitzhammerlichess, @der_nette, and @Kruci96! happy.png

This is all for now, wish everyone peace, and great Wednesday. 27 days until my birthday July 30th happy.png, time passes fast, but I'm happy. For some reason this quote comes to my mind, I'll just share it to everyone as well. "I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect at trying." C'mon Zion!!! happy.png