Get points

Aug 2, 2013, 8:31 AM |

Quick tip of the day:  Set your live chess parameters to min rating -100 maximum rating +200. 


I believe this gives a player the best mathematical advantage, not only for success but to gain points.  I don't believe there is a huge difference between a player rated 100 points lower and one rated 200 points lower.  Especially when one considers that a majority of games that are lost, are lost by the losing player, not necessarily won by the winning player.  Search your databases.  How many blunders (??) are there in relation to brilliant moves (!!)  I have computer analysed thousands of my games.  Fritz has given me a total of three double exclams.  Nearly as many as games where I don't have at least one ??.  This tells me I spend a lot of time playing against myself and trying to make the other player win.  Fortunately, they are doing the same, and trying to make me win too.  Between blunders and losing on time it's a wonder that there aren't negative ratings.


So, back to mathematics.  If I am trying to lose, then I want to lose as little as possible.  I want players whose ratings are roughly equal or better than mine so I risk less or equal to what I'll gain. -100 keeps that close (Win +5 Draw 0, Loss -10).  I also want to play players who are able to lose at least equally well as me.  +200 is probably pretty close (Win +12 Draw 3, loss, -3). 


If your rating is stagnant, especially if it is 100 points or more below your highest, set your parameters so you play on average equal or slightly stronger players.  As long as you limit the losing streaks and stay roughly equal your rating will climb, even if that is only slowly.

And if you try it, let me know if it works for you.  I have done it and have gained more than 100 points in blitz and 140 in bullet in two weeks.  I have also been studying tatics, opening, and playing a bucket load.  

For slow time controls I recommend -0 and +200 until it gets too hard to find a game.


Oh, and study tactics and play lots!