Short Term Goals and Long Term Addictions

Sep 1, 2013, 10:32 AM |

I've played around 700 2 1 Games in the last month.  Rating there has pretty much sagnated, I think due to my inability to defend or play an endgame under time controls.

But, time there has not been wasted even if it is likley not the best use of it.  In those 700 games I estimate I have played 5 opening systems.  Italian Game, KIA, early a6 slav, Najdorf or anti-sicilians.  Likely that is plus or minus 200 games in each.   2 1 encorages one to play acively. 

OTB results have been encouraging so I wil now knuckle down to a tactics cycle on chesstempo.  My goal is to solve a thousand plus standard problems (3968 to 5000) within 30 days.