Dacii cei dintai : Board 15

Oct 1, 2013, 10:01 AM |

In this team match, i happened to play on board 15.

First game, I had a rook plus few extra pawns for my opponents bishop and a knight. My rook was active and it had restricted opponents king. Also the rook was supported by Q side pawns which were well advanced into enemy camp. I also had 3 K side pawns for opponents single pawn on same side. Moreover, my pawns had the support of my active king, whereas the lone king pawn of my opponent wasnt supported. Inder pressure, my opponent gave up his knight for free, and resigned.

Second game, well I was lucky. Opening ,mistake by me, and had to part with my bishop. Being a piece down, I wanted to resign. But continued the game. My opponent overlooked few chances for him to capitalise my loss, but he couldnt and R+N vs B+N endgame ensued with equal pawns. After my king side isolated h Pawn was caotured by his bishop, i tried to trap it, and i succeded in it. He still had the chance to free his bishop by loosing a extra pawn. But he gave up his bishop for free and resigned.