45 45 (5)

45 45 (5)

May 10, 2015, 3:17 PM |

What do you do when you play a really bad, and dramatic game ? Embarassed

Go hide in a dark corner and sob for a few days, and not publish about it any time soon ?


For the sake of a better world, and one's chess improvement it is good to work on self reflection and honesty.

Yes, I played bad, very very bad and my opponent deserved the win Cry

But there's always ... a next blitz game to enjoy ! Smile

Preparation :

In preparation of this game I checked games by my opponent.

He is been playing very well, and scoring good in various openings.

In blitz games he won a few times against me in the opening line I was planning to play. But I also won a game before with another move in that line.

I looked it up and that move was much better than what I had played before (c7c5 instead of d7d6).

What else did I do for preparation ?

I played my daily blitz games, and I did my daily 4 tactic puzzles for breakfast.

And since yesterday I got a cold, despite the sunny weather.

That was annoying, but today I went outside in the sun with some friends and ate delicious ice cream.

Maybe that explains why I was, initially, a bit optimistic and happy in this game.

Stockfish analysis :

Game comments during the game :



Our team was already in the last place.

It will be difficult for the team to become champion :

Image taken from Wikipedia "cry" article.