"A crazy concept" - A tribute to Mikhail Tal.

"A crazy concept" - A tribute to Mikhail Tal.

Feb 8, 2015, 12:14 PM |

I just realized that my crazy tactic ideas are mainly inspired by the chess games of Mikhail Tal.

I vividly remember reading through the little chess books by Hans Bouwmeester, where Bouwmeester wrote annotations in a game by Tal, like this for example :

"Tal, who has in this position 3 pieces "en prise", hanging ...

decides to put a 4th piece en prise !! And continued to win in great attacking style !" [1]

Apart from that I was lucky to have seen Tal play otb against Jan Timman in a match in Hilversum (NL) in 1988.


Let's look, below, at a "crazy concept" game I just played.

[1] I'd be more than happy if some one could help me find that game from Mikhail Tal.