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A hectic rook ending

A hectic rook ending

Mar 8, 2016, 2:29 PM 2

Today things were not going well regarding results on the chess board, but analysing blitz games can be great fun and useful, fueling the flame of chess enjoyment.

Here's a rook endings from a game that I was about to resign in the middle game. It turned out that I surprisingly had a draw in the pocket in the very end of the rook ending.

I had been working on rook endings with the book by GM John Emms, as well as the book by GM Jesus de la Villa, and learned a bit more about the rook versus pawn where the defending king must hold off the other king.

Here in this game I thought I did things right but it turned out I blundered instead.

Fascinating to see how a seemingly totally won rook ending can end up in a drawn position. And an interesting learning moment in the rook versus pawn ending.

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