A tribute to GM Daniel Campora

A tribute to GM Daniel Campora

Feb 7, 2015, 12:28 PM |

Many years ago when I was quite busy looking at annotated chess games in the Informators and NIC yearbooks and several chess magazines (I got a "Schaaknieuws" subscription by postal mail), there were a few rather unknown chess heros, apart from the well-known Fischer and Tal.

There was David Norwood (then IM, now GM), my Modern Benoni hero, and I was impressed by several games from another chess hero of mine, GM Daniel Campora.

I cannot find those beautiful games right now, but I will share some games from him that I just found.

A positional King's Gambit win.



A miniature where Morozevich gets crushed (Note, Campora plays Caro-Kann himself with black).

A mystery GM game with the classical Bxh7+ bishop sac.

A game where one could analyse for hours and hours :)

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