From 1400 to 1500 : Anticipating

Sep 7, 2015, 1:48 PM |

Lots of beginners look at their own moves to make, and hardly go beyond "attack vs. defense" move by move, and look at the opponent's options and anticipate

To improve in chess it is important to look at each move of your opponent and ask yourself what the meaning of that move is.

What is the plan of your opponent ?

Does that fit with your plan ?

Do you need to change your own plan ?

If you didn't have a plan yet, what plan should evolve ?

Here's a few examples of not anticipating.

In the first one I'm the "victim" myself EmbarassedSmile


For myself, especially in slower time control chess, I also tend to force myself into the habit to spend more thinking when I get confused by a move from my opponent.

I try to force to ring an alarm bell in my head at those times, and look at the reasons why a move was played, and trying to grasp the meaning of it.