From 1400 to 1500 : Greed

Oct 6, 2015, 1:00 PM |

Several lower rated players love to grab material. The less experienced, the easier the temptation to grab every pawn or piece.

Some GMs like to grab material, but very often they know what they are doing. They evaluate the position, or they want to risk defending for some time against lower rated players, with the idea to turn the material surplus into a win in the long run.

Here's two examples of greed by lower rated players.


Conclusion :

Grabbing material can be okay if you really manage to evaluate the position well.

I prefer to think twice before grabbing material and then having to defend.

Defending usually does cost more thinking time, which is especially important in the faster time controls.

Even if you have opening lines in your opening repertoire that involve material grabbing (Say the Steinitz line in the Scotch, or accepting certain gambits), you might want to looks at your chess game statistics and see what your results are and how the wins have been accomplished.

The way forward, improving your chess, also means getting better results against stronger chess players.

Thinking that you are fine with pawn grabbing chess play against lower rated chess players, might not help you very much with better game results and higher rating.

Study you own chess behavior, and act upon accordingly ! Smile