Opening preparation - O'Kelly Sicilian

Mar 20, 2016, 7:40 PM |

Last week I saw a game by one of the members of my chess study group, featuring the O'Kelly Sicilian played by black. White played the "normal" Open Sicilian move d2d4, and then surprisingly black didn't follow up the "authentic" O'Kelly idea, but something else.

Here's the O'Kelly Sicilian (see diagram below), and it is good to know what the basic idea is behind this rare opening line :

So, let's look at the idea behind it :

How should white play ? Now that we know that d2d4 is not the best move in the O'Kelly Sicilian for white ?

White has lots of options, c2c3 is recommended, but c2c4 is also fine, and there's more good moves.

How do I know about the O'Kelly Sicilian ?

I know it from years ago when I was going through annotated chess games in chess books and magazines.

And several months ago I saw, on a dutch chess news site, a game between GM Jorden van Foreest and GM Dimitri Reinderman, where Reinderman played it as black. The article mentioned that van Foreest had a big smirk on his face when Reinderman played the a7a6 move. Smile But the game ended in a draw.

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