otb blitz tourney report

Dec 30, 2015, 4:06 PM |

A few days ago I attended an otb blitz tourney.

Short story : I had a very nice chess day, great fun.

Longer story :

I registered a few days before the tourney started. The day before the tourney I kind of started to regret it, because I was still suffering from a cold, and I was a bit worried I would play bad chess because of that.

I decided to go to the tourney nevertheless, and told myself that I would just enjoy the chess on that day, without making great efforts to win a prize.

How did I prepare ?

  • I looked up the location and how to get there the day before, so that I would know in advance, instead of having to look up details during sleepy-head breakfast time.
  • The day before I got myself some chocolate for before and after the tourney, as well as tissues to deal with the cold. Smile
  • I made sure to not play too much chess online the day before the tourney itself, so that I would be kind of fresh.
  • [EDIT] I made sure that on the tourney day I would be able to wear my favourite pull-over and trousers. This may sound funny or weird, but I feel better in clothes that feel good. During the tourney I did (despite my cold) feel good and was often very well able to concentrate on the chessboard.

When I arrived in the tourney hall there were already quite some players (All in all 72 chess players played), and also quite some kids which were already playing blitz for fun.

Some moments later I saw some familiar faces I had seen years ago before in the Dieren Open chess tourney, like Hebert Perez Garcia, IM Albert Blees, and Fitzgerald Krudde.

And also the, in Holland, famous blitz king IM Manuel Bosboom arrived, as well as the winner from last year, the young blitz king FM Hing Ting Lai.

The blitz tourney was played with the Amsterdam tourney formula, 3 times groups of 4, and then finishing with groups of 8.

The tourney was eventually won by Hing Ting Lai with 6.5/7.

Second place was for FM Rob Schoorl with 5/7.

Manual Bosboom was shared 3rd/4th with Vincent Blom with both 4.5/7.

I didn't start very well, and got 5.5 out of 9, ending in group 4.

In this group 4 eventually I won 2nd price with 5.5/7.

The climax of the tourney for me however was the moments that Manual Bosboom showed some chess studies to a small crowd in one of the breaks during the day. Amazing stuff. I will, below, include two of the ideas of those studies.

When I came home I forced myself to make pgn files from the "memorable" games that I had played, so that I had that covered for this report. Note that it is possible that there's some different move order in the games possible. The games were 5 minutes per game per person with no increment.

Here's my first round game :

Then, still in the first group of 4, I played a game in which I was surprised about the opening choice of my opponent. He played right into my home brew preparation from years ago, but I lost !

Later on I got the chance to play my own achja gambit with black. The first time in otb chess.

In the same group I played a dramatic miniature against a 2100+ player, who overlooked checkmate in 1.

Then at some point I played a flashy looking game, winning quite some material, but eventually lost on time.

The last round game was surprising. For the 2nd time in the tourney my opponent fell for an opening trick with Nxe4??

The climax of the day for me were the chess studies shown by Manuel Bosboom.

Here's two final positions of a "drawing stalemate attack" :

All in all a great fun day.
Friendly organizers, good and relaxed atmosphere, easy to find playing location. Glad I could join.
Excellent !! Smile
[EDITED] p.s. Forgot to mention that the tourney had a famous attendee, a dutch singer songwriter who is a fairly good chess player as well.
[photo : wikipedia]
In one of the breaks he was analysing some gambit with some chess masters, and some wild west variations appeared on the board :
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.b4!?
For this gambit see also :

And as a bonus, here's some more stalemate options :
Scroll down to the game : Czebe, Attila vs. Derakhshani, Dorsa