Pump up the volume !

Pump up the volume !

Apr 16, 2016, 1:11 AM |

I have been reading some more in "Pump up your rating" by IM Axel Smith, and I must say that the part about pawn levers (pawn breaks), and trading pieces (featuring the famous GM Ulf Andersson), is quite fascinating, and I like it also because since years I have a tendency to focus at pawn structures in chess games.

The book itself is an overwhelming amount of chess games and training material (and I am actually not sure how well I will cope with the overwhelming amount of material, over time. I guess I will just read a bit every now and then, as I don't manage, yet, to work on a chess book for say one hour every day) Axel Smith talks about himself and his fellow young training partner, Nils Grandelius, now a top GM.

Here's an interesting game, based on analysis by Axel Smith and Grandelius (as I understand) which is featured in the book, which I also found this week on this Norwegian website :

http://sjakkfantomet.blogg.no/1412546869_aryan_tari_og_oslo_ch.html (second game)

I don't understand a word Norwegian, but the chess notation leaves nothing to guess about.

IM Axel Smith talks in the book about the usage of chess engines to prepare openings.

The result can be seen in such a game as this, which is completely full of tactics.

Beautiful !!!