Two Modern Benoni games

Jan 26, 2015, 2:30 PM |

From a friend that showed me those games today.

Modern Benoni was played more often many years ago until Garry Kasparov won a crushing game against John Nunn.

After that only very few top players, like Gashimov, played the Modern Benoni, with the exception of the fianchetto variation.

When white players would play Nf3 (and g2g3) in the opening, instead of Nc3 several players, for example Jan Timman would play the Modern Benoni.

Very recently Anish Giri played the MB but with reversed colors, and he opted for a very quick push with the c pawn and got good play.

Euwe - Kotov, 1953 : 15.Na5

Donner - Velimirovic, 1971 : 15...c5c4

Giri - So, 2015 : 10.c4c5

Kasparov - Nunn, 1982