Winning against strong players

Jan 26, 2015, 3:46 PM |

Some beginning chess players stick around at their rather low rating level and results.

You might often hear them say "I have no chance against high "xyz" rated players with my low "abc" rating".

And if they lose, they might say "You see ? I told you I would lose !" Cry

Of course, to win against stronger chess players, you need things like experience, chess talent (whatever that might be scientifically...rhymes), self-confidence...

but above all ... grabbing your chances ! Laughing

If you believe that stronger players will not make mistakes, and you refuse to look at the position on the chess board, and contemplate and calculate (also rhymes), then you might not see your winning chances, and indeed ... have no chance.

Years ago I saw a chess article (By Gert Ligterink or Tim Krabbe) where a chess game was annotated. The whole audience saw the winning move, and people were about the scream, but the poor player for whom they were cheering refused to see the winning move Smile

In the following game, further below, I played against a much stronger player.

During the opening moves I quickly looked at the previous results -3 +1 =0 and I didn't think I would get much chances.

Then our game proceeded, I was happy about my position, and then my opponent made a surprising move ... which was a blunder !

After a few seconds I saw a tactical option, which I thought I had seen years ago from a Nimzovich - Alekhine game, where white sacrifices the queen on c6 to deliver checkmate with a bishop on a6.

Here's the game I played :