Black Advantage

Apr 1, 2011, 3:41 AM |

While it is a generally held belief that at the start of the game white holds the advantage by way of having tempo and the choice to determine the direction of play, I often find that playing black takes out the presssure, you can just wait and see and put up known defences without having to crack your head much and boommmm, white makes the error you've been waiting for all along.


Recently, I won a game against and long time rival this way. He put me on the defensive for what seemed like from the first move until he came as close to wiskers to checkmate. Honestly, I thought it was a gone game until he made that supposedly cunning but devastating error, the kind you are most likely to make when you think you have everything in the game going for you. Yes, among masters  and over 2000 rated players, white wins most of the time, but for me, I'l rather play black and wait patiently...