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The Magnus Carlsen Era Part 2

The Magnus Carlsen Era Part 2

Jul 2, 2017, 2:28 PM 4

     If you haven't read part 1 first I strongly suggest you read that first. Here is the link to the first part  https://www.chess.com/blog/Prasanna2013/the-magnus-carlsen-era-part-1 . 


     After winning the 2013 World Chess Championship Magnus Carlsen became famous he started meeting celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the founder of MicrosoftImage result for microsoft and Mark Zuckerburg is the founder of FacebookImage result for facebook. Magnus checkmated Bill Gates in 12 seconds. The richest man during 2014 lost to Magnus Carlsen in 12 seconds. Carlsen also beat Mark Zuckerburg. Before Magnus Carlsen met the celebrities he also played at a twenty game simul and of course won all twenty games. In 2014 Magnus also won the Zurich Chess Challenge with 10 points. Magnus Carlsen also launched his chess app called Play Magnus. Play Magnus is an app where you can play against Magnus Carlsen at all ages. Magnus Carlsen also won the Caxias do Sul Rapid Swiss chess festival in Brazil with 8.5 points out of 9. Carlsen won the Rapid Championship and the Blitz Championship. That's all be on the lookout for part 3.

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