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The Magnus Carlsen Era part 3

The Magnus Carlsen Era part 3

Jul 9, 2017, 8:53 AM 3

If you haven't read part 2 or part 1 I strongly suggest you read that first, here are the links to that 

https://www.chess.com/blog/Prasanna2013/the-magnus-carlsen-era-part-1      https://www.chess.com/blog/adlalam/the-magnus-carlsen-era-part-2 


In the 2014 World Chess ChampionshipImage result for 2014 World Chess Championship there was going to be a rematch between a 23 year old Magnus Carlsen who was number 1 in the world vs a 44 year old Viswanathan Anand who was number 6 in the world. Magnus Carlsen's rating was 2863 and Viswanathan Anand's rating was 2743. The match was in Sochi, Russia. Carlsen and Anand faced 77 times before. The prize fund was 2 million euros.Image result for Euros If the match ended within the regular 12 games then 60 percent would go to the winner and 40 percent would go to the loser . If the match ended in tiebreaks then 55 percent would go to the winner and 45 percent would go to the loser. They drew the first game Carlsen won the second game. Anand won the third game. They drew the next two games. Carlsen won Game 6. They drew the next four games then Carlsen won the last game. Game 12 was not required. Carlsen won 6 1/2 to 3 1/2. Carlsen was two time World Champion.

Be on the lookout for part 4.

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