Time-out prevention in team matches

Jun 17, 2013, 10:48 PM |

Hello chessmates,

This is being already discussed since the dawn of human age, but I want to add (if it only hasnt been discussed already) some ideas about time-out regulations.

All members know, when you create a new team match, there is one useful option:


Minimum Games:


Min. # of games a player must have finished. This helps to prevent no shows.



* this really helps to prevent one-day members.

Also chess.com staff can add Maximum % of time outs (from 0 to 90 %, for ex.)

 (Max. % of time-outs. This helps to prevent no shows)

I think this would help to make team matches more interesting to players, who play fairly.


Another way is to buy at least premium memberships, it costs only 5$ a month (my one-day lunch costs more than it:)

and this really helps to prevent time-outs (auto-vacation option saved me many times). So that it will reduce time-outs in team matches, your own games, and prevent people feel stressed cause of you:)

Also you support chess.com to make site more interesting and progressive.

5 $ is not much for one person, but when you unite by million members, 5 000 000 $ makes sense, so dont think your 5 $ won't help this site.