Men vs Women

Men vs Women

Jun 10, 2015, 11:08 PM |

Nope, i won't say much about the differences of their minds or chess ability. Although i think they are different i also think that both can reach the highest level in chess. 

The point of this thread is to discuss whether or not there should be Women titles or exclusive tournaments for women, and try to understand why or why not.

Recently i've been talking about this in live chat while watching some bullet games, and some players told me that they do this (especial titles and tournaments) to motivate women players. I think that the right way to motivate them is to let them know they can became better by playing against better players, doesn't matter if they are male or female. They should all play the same tournaments and have the same titles, because their capability is the same.

Having special titles and tournaments it's like saying: "We (men in general) know you (women in general) can't get this good, so we give you this (special titles and tournaments) so you can play with the children while grownups play real chess."

It's like saying that men are more intelligent than women in chess.

Some may think this separation is normal 'cause it's in every sport, but i think there is a big difference in other sports. take boxing for example, our anatomy it's clearly not the same, and a fit man is naturally stronger than a fit woman. Even they make separate titles for men boxing depending on their weight, so that there is no disadvantag between them. 

Disadvantage is the key word here, if we (all chess players, chess comunnity) believe that there is no disadvantage in a match boy vs girl (of similar elo range) then we should delete this special titles and tournaments. Plus if most women aren't that good to play titled tournaments, then what is the problem in playing in tournaments for their current elo? 

Anyway let me know what you think, specially if you'r a girl. bye!


PS: please forgive any mistake as english is not my native language.

thank you!


A. Esmerado