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Wednesday fun

Nov 3, 2010, 4:36 AM 0

I woke up in the morning, then pray, shower, and get ready to go to school. I even forgot that today is the test of history. Arriving at school, I learned with my friends and play with them. Not as usual, today's teachers are very friendly. When PTD lesson, I sew a tablecloth. After the lesson was over, came the chemistry lesson. Oh yes, today there are practical ACIDS, BASES, SALTS. Okay, I was wearing a lab coat so that my uniform is not dirty. The children were told to go into the lab room per group. After that, we all do the lab work was (good luck).Completed practicum, I was hoping that my rating good. Then we finish up lesson after lesson until after school. After school, well, rain! I was picked up by my father and got into the car and then straight back to this rumah.Hari I'm not les, because my mother said, today my father is not feeling well. Finally, at 2 pm, the rain subsided. Kriiing, the phone rang. My lift and it turns out my friend, Afe, call me. She said she would play to my house. Finally, she arrived at my house with my friend the other, Debora.We played together, and take pictures ria. I've never really narcissistic. Finally late in the afternoon they went home. I was then typing this blogpost and upload photos that I had with my friend.Well, it's raining! So first blogpost from me ya friend. I want to play first, bye! Laughing

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