Just got beat by a Pirc defense, I think...

May 21, 2011, 4:24 PM |

...I'm not entirely sure what it was, I knew Black was playing passively but I got suckered. I didn't realize it was a whole line unto itself. Let's see if the link to the game works:


I'm reading up on the defense now. I obviously don't play a lot of hypermodern - the closest I've come is playing the Reti, which I don't consider hypermodern as much as "tons of fun."

Any advice you want to give me is welcome. I want to know what the attacking possibilities for White are in Modern and Pirc systems. I wasn't at all clear what to do except take the center.

Also, in that game, do note Black's 7. ...Nd7 and 8. ...Nb6. I was tempted to resign right there, because the whole concept of reversing direction with the Knight is over my head. Is there a good discussion of how that works and what one needs to be aware of anywhere?

Anyway, still trying to get caught up with the Pirc/Modern/Queen's Pawn systems. I don't know chess, am still learning.

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