Benefits of Slow Chess and World League Play

Benefits of Slow Chess and World League Play

Mar 16, 2015, 10:05 PM |

I used to be addicted to the one minute and three minute games. However, I noticed that I my ratings were stagnant for years.

I took lessons from an excellent teacher.  What I needed to do though was play more slow chess.

 Thus,  I started playing online chess. Most of the games I play now have time control of 1 move every three days.  I have noticed the following improvements.

1. Made less opening mistakes. One reason for this is online chess allows you to explore openings.

2. Played with more creativity. The analyze feature allowed me to try sacrfiices that I would be apprenshive to attempt in blitz or OTB play.

3. Improved endgame technique. At one move every 3 days I had plenty of time to calculate and evaluate various endgame scenarios.

Also, I joined Team USA to play in the World League Matches. Team USA plays teams such as Russia, Brazil, and England. I found the competition to be difficult. However, the losses are instructive and victories very satisfying.

Below is the link to the Team USA website and World League site.