Berlin Candidates 2018 - Round 5

Berlin Candidates 2018 - Round 5

GM alexcolovic
Mar 15, 2018, 3:59 PM |

They keep on trying!

Aronian-Grischuk was the wild affair of the day. A complete mess where Aronian missed quite a few wins after which he is now stuck with thoughts like "what if". A second win in a row would have given him wings, now he's still on 50%. Chances like these mustn't be missed in a tournament like the Candidates! (his own words)

Kramnik tried to squeeze something out of nothing against So. I wonder why he wastes so much energy when it's obvious that it won't give any result.

Karjakin finally got to demonstrate his preparation and practically killed the game off against Caruana. He was also visibly happier at the press conference!

Ding Liren learned that he cannot win just on technique in this field. He won some nice ones before in the same structure, but Mamedyarov gave him no chance.

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