Dubov's Hippo in Moscow - Tal Memorial 2018

Dubov's Hippo in Moscow - Tal Memorial 2018

GM alexcolovic
Mar 6, 2018, 5:26 AM |

The Tal Memorial exceeded expectations. At least mine. The mixture of rapid and blitz never fails to produce excitement and entertainment!

Anand is the current Rapid World Champion at 48 and now he won the Tal Memorial a full point ahead of the field. Karpov beat Kasparov in rapid at 51. This is not a coincidence! To my mind, rapid is best suited for intuitive players as they have time to confirm with calculation their intuitive decisions.

But blitz is for young men. No surprise that Karjakin dominated there.

Still, the most intriguing question for me was whether Dubov was thinking of a hippo during his blitz game with Anand. Even for a few seconds (this being a blitz game).

Find out why here.