Shakh-Attack Destroys Biel 2018

Shakh-Attack Destroys Biel 2018

GM alexcolovic
Aug 2, 2018, 7:14 AM |

Impressive victory by Mamedyarov, finishing a point and a half ahead of the World Champion while beating him in their match!

In his own words, one of the best tournaments of his life, where everything seemed to fall in place for Shakhriyar.

I analyse two less-obvious aspects that I noticed during the tournament. I already wrote about Carlsen's increased aggressiveness in Biel, here I touch upon the subject of his lack of stability.

Plus Mamedyarov's use of super-sharp lines in his preparations. His hard work for Berlin and before is starting to pay off!

And two questions for the future: can Shakh keep it up? Can Carlsen stabilise the quality of his moves?