West Bromwich v Warley Quinborne

Nov 3, 2009, 2:19 PM |

In Division 2 of the Birmingham & District Chess League, there was a local derby between West Bromwich and Warley Quinborne.

Earlier in the season, the two teams met in the Dudley League, and I messed up in a won position. We only drew, 2-2, as a result.

Now we met in the Birmingham League. I'm usually board 1 for the Division Five (3rd) team, but I had to fill in for the Division Two (2nd) team. Bizzarely, I ended up on board 3. We were obviously weakened. The West Bromwich team had won their opening three matches (we had played 2, won 1, lost 1), and they paid local International Master (and England's Director of International Chess) to play for them in the Birmingham League. He duly turned out on board 1. On the other boards, we were outgraded, their board 4 was graded higher than our board 1.

Here is my game.


After that miracle swindle, the team led 2.5-0.5. Sure enough, the board 5 then won, to give us a surprising match win. But better was to come! MrNimzoIndian, who was playing on board 1, beat IM Lawrence Cooper! As a result, we thrashed our local rivals 4.5-1.5.

West Bromwich are still in with a good chance of promotion to Division One, however. They're undoubtedly the strongest team in the division. Warley Quinborne, who narrowly avoided relegation to Division Three last season, are in with a chance of a strong finish this season.