Simul Live Commentary 2 September

Simul Live Commentary 2 September

FM alexsuper1987
Sep 3, 2015, 10:47 AM |

Hi at all,

I hope that you enjoyed the simul yesterday, I played 21 games against people from all the world and at the end the final result was 13-8 for me.


My first idea was play 30 games, but a lot of players signed didn't play at the last minute.

To help me when I make new event, please you can join in my group on (in this way you will have immediately the message about the event).

Here you can see the live commentary


I'm sorry that a lot people can't play for the time, if you are interested at this kind of event please let me know what kind of time is good for you! If I see many comments I can have the idea to change it for the future.

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