Special offer for Training games and lessons

Special offer for Training games and lessons

FM alexsuper1987
Jan 24, 2015, 3:15 AM |

Hello at all,

I would propose a special offer for all the people that will become fan of my page on facebook, below the link


The offer is for "training games"

Play with master (x2)   10$ ( instead of 20$)

play 30minute a game against me, with a full analysis of strategic plans and mistakes

Play a turn-based game (3days) (x5) 10$ instead of 25$)

Play a turn-based game against me, I comment the game with useful tips


And for new students, I offer the trial lesson for 7$ instead of 10$.

For people under age 18, I offer an extra discount of 25% for each service.

This offer is available until 28 february 2015.