Civil Right violations continue in the US

Aug 27, 2013, 6:41 PM |

Yesterday, as I was going to a library.  I was unlawfully detained by an armed guard who demanded that I sign-in before entering.  That is he was illegally collecting personal information about US citizens without cause.  

This is indicative of the erosion of civil liberties that have been occurring in the US over the past decade.  

Additionally, I have realized that as I was away someone had gone through my files.  This was evidenced by a paper hanging out of my file drawer as if it had been caught in the drawer.  Two books of literature have been taken, but one of them had been returned, covertly, as I left my apartment a second time.   There is no cause for these thefts, and I am going to court to stand up for my rights.

Arguments that things could be worse, are motivating, but seem to miss the point.  

The high courts have already ruled that so many of these so called security measures are illegal.  Let me quote from the US Supreme Court case, Berger v. NEW YORK, 1966: 


“If a statute were to authorize placing a policeman in every home or office where it was shown that there was probable cause to believe that evidence of crime would be obtained, there is little doubt that it would be struck down as bald invasion of privacy, far worse than the general warrants prohibited by the Forth Amendment.  I can see no differences between such a statute and one authorizing electronic surveillance, which in effect places an invisible policeman in the home.  If anything, the latter is more offensive because the homeowner is completely unaware of the invasion of privacy.”