Coincidence or Nefarious Sprawling Conspiracy?

Jun 5, 2013, 5:11 PM |

Just as I was about to post to this blog the Chess server went down.  Coincidence or Vast Corrupt Conspiracy to give a "corporate perk" of an artifically high rating to "employees"?

I would say it was a coincidence, but these sorts of coincidences keep happening... So I will just document them here.

Fortunately, I saved my post before the server shut down.

I am going to have to take my landlord to the Rent Board again.  I just haven't the time, but if I give up chess, I guess I could find the time.  

I had to take my landlord to a mediation session with the Rent Board before because he was doing construction on the side of the apartment building and he tore open a wall in my apartment and he left it exposed for weeks.  The construction just stopped while I still had a missing wall exposing my living room and kitchen to the elements.  I couldn't get any word from my landlord about how long it would take.  After the construction was finally finished, I went to the Rent Board and the judge decided that I was entitled to a reduction in rent during the time of the construction.  

I am under a gag order as to how we came to the agreement.

But one of the things that came out of the agreement, was that the Landlord was to give me rent receipts.  

Why they have been reluctant to give me rent receipts is not clear to me.  

So I paid the rent on the first, and yesterday (over seventy-two hours later).  The manager was finally able to write out the rent receipt.  It takes him that long.  


What pisses me off is that he dropped off the rent receipt while I was watching a clip from an adult movie.  Once he even tried to come in while I was using the bathroom.  He used some sort of pass key and he has kept denying that he had one. Why do they keep people like this and not fire them?  That is the thirteen thousand dollar question.