Harassment Continues

Aug 29, 2013, 3:10 PM |

I'm pretty sure someone has been going through my CD's.  I thought my The Smith's CDs were missing, but they seem to have returned. Now, I think one of my The Beatles CDs is missing.  

I was trying to call my doctor, to make another doctor visit, but the call was refused, as my phone doesn't send out "Caller ID" (give my phone number to everyone.)  I found this strange as I had just called the doctor a few days ago, because I had to call them to because the insurance had called to say that as of last March 1st, I was under a different insurance, and I didn't have to make special arrangements to make my phone call.  (The mix up in the insurance was deemed some sort of clerical error, as can be seen in an earlier post, I had sent in my redetermination form.)   

So I had to go in person to visit the doctor to make my appointment. 


When I told the doctor's secretary about the call not going though, "That's strange," she said.  And then asked if I wanted an appointment card.