Not naming the names: June 2, 2013

Jun 2, 2013, 2:54 PM |

I am starting this blog with some reservations.  A chess website is the last place I would think to post a blog.

I am posting this blog to "clear some thoughts" to use the words of someone that was in one of the Vote Chess forums.  

My greatest reservation against writing a daily update, is that "bloggers" are providing content.  

I am writing in the hopes that it might call some attention to some things that are effecting not only the chess world, but the world in general.  

I have been having several "covert" break-ins in my apartment.  I have strong suspicion as to who is the culprit.  I have made many complaints. 

Most recently, the culprit has taken a notebook that I was using to figure out what moves I was going to make in one of my games.  (I am currently undefeated in the tournament!)

Previously, some other chessbooks were also taken while I was in an Over the board tournament.  The tournament director, even aknowledged that he knew about the books being "black bagged" from my apartment.  He told me "they" (presumably the organization he was working for) was going to return them.  I'm not sure why he decided to covertly return them rather than give them to me directly.