Endgame variation

Endgame variation

Dec 14, 2015, 4:33 AM |

Hi all, welcome to my blog. This blog is the study of endgames. Here we will be discussing about the tricks and tactics that is needed to see the endgames.
Endgames are not like the middle game or openings.In an endgame, there are three possibilities, it is black to win, white to win or its a draw. Sometimes engames require a lot of calculations,  you should be trained for it. so lets start with a simple puzlle for warm up
Here it is white to play and win 

 Were you able find it? There are lots of studies regarding endgames.
The two engames you must know are
1. Lucina position.
2. Philidor Defence.
But today i am going to talk about other endgames from them;
 Lets have a look at Richard Reti's endgame idea


 Look at this position, Here it is white to move and Draw. I would request you to take your full time and try to solve it. This is a vey critical position.
Lets have its solution

Now lets revise what we learnt

 Let me give you a puzzle now, if you find it, it would be just awesome. I showed this one to many but none of them was able to solve it. Lets see if you can.(Note: remember the threat c8=N)

 Solve this one.Good Luck until then. See you in my next blog, feel free to suggest me about anything.
Thank You