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5th place in Lilla Göteborg Open

5th place in Lilla Göteborg Open

Sep 17, 2016, 8:24 AM 1
I have had a packed Schedule lately, which has prevented me from blogging. But now as the new chess season starts I feel like its time to get back on track again.
I played in a tournament during the summer for players rated below 1500 LASK (Swedish rating). This fall everyone will switch to ELO, but so far I dont have a ELO-rating, just a performance of about 1474.
My goal was to win at least half of my games, which I did. I finished 5th with 5/8, just one Place away from the Money wink.png 
This game is the one where I feel like I lost track of the leading pack. It is against the guy who eventually finished 5th, and was quite exciting over the board. When I look at it now, weeks later and with the aid of a computer, it is clear to me that I really need to work on my calculation to improve as a player. The game turned quickly after I missed a strong follow up move from my opponent. I hope you can enjoy the game, as I did.

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