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My first adventure against the Stenitz

My first adventure against the Stenitz

Jul 16, 2016, 5:38 AM 0

As a part of my new plan to improve my chess skills I will start posting blog updates about games that I have played here on Chess.com. You will have to endure my blunder infested games, after all I am in no way an expert of the game. But I hope that the blog posts will not only serve as output for myself, but also generate input from other users with tips or comments. 


In this first post I will be kind to myself and post a win. It could just as well have been a loss though. I made mistakes in the game, but my opponent didnt use the chance to punish me for it. The game was a 15 min 10 sec increment game, and I somehow feel that all the blitz games I played recently has made me more eager to play fast, which might also explain the blunder in the game. 

Anyhow, I have recently decided to start learning 1.e4 openings after being a 1.d4 player before. This was kind of a black hole that I felt the need to illuminate in order to actually improve as a player. My opponent answered with the Steinitz defence, and here is the game.

There it is. It is not a great game by any means, and maybe not the most exciting, but it is good enough to get my started with this new habit of analysing and posting my games. Hope someone else except me got something out of it! 

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