New week, new game  – A lucky draw

New week, new game – A lucky draw

Jul 23, 2016, 6:34 AM |

As a part of my plan to get better at chess I am writing these blog posts at least once a week, analyzing one of my games. Since it is a saturday, and the weather in Sweden is at its best, I have opened myself a bottle of the local brew "Gbg beer weekend" from Stigbergets bryggeri (theme beer of the event Gothenburg Beer Week) to get some weekend inspiration for this blog. 


The game is a 15 minutes 10 seconds increment game I played today on Bogth the playing and the analyzing was done before the beer was opened, so I hope you can get something out of it, just as I did.

I got a bit lucky there, but I cant help but beating my self up for not taking advantage of my good position in this game. What I bring from it is  two things: dont play "automatic moves" just because the normally would work in your openings, and listen to your pawn structure. Taking with the knight instead on the pawn on d5 would have kept my structure intact, and given me the play.
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