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The first big head on my wall

The first big head on my wall

Apr 23, 2017, 2:42 AM 0

The spring Championship at Manhem Chess Association is almost over, and I have had a lot of disappointing results, also in games where I probably should have scored at least half a Point. The games are played late in the evening, and I cant help but thinking that it affects my game negatively. But of course, this is the same for everyone.

What I can take with me as a positive is this game. I faced off with an opponent who is considerably stronger than me, about 500 rating Points, and I managed to win!
I quickly crashed down to Earth again in the two next games which I lost, but I will still remember this as my biggest scalp yet in classical time Control.

The game is in the scotch opening, any comments or insights is of great help!

Edit: I see now that the annotations sometimes look strange, and that is because chess.com doesnt display the annotations as my chess software does. So if a comment seems to end abruptly, just look at the next variation.


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