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Ups and downs with the English attack

Ups and downs with the English attack

Mar 25, 2017, 4:27 AM 1

Its been a long time now since my last post, mostly because my computer has been in and out of service. But now it is time once again. I do these posts to motivate me to analyze my games more and learn from my mistakes.

Today I will post two games in the English attack against the sicilian. I have started to play this setup against most sicilian variations. It is an exciting way of playing, and a lot of players on my level have problems dealing with the pawn storm on the kingside. Both of these games are against higher rated opponents where I get a good position, I think. I won one and lost the other. lets start with the loss, which showed me the importance of king safety.

This game was played in the district Championship in Gothenburg.


That was a tough loss, since I thought I had a close to winning position. But I learned something: dont leave your king on c1! I used this knowledge in a League game against the Swedish-bosnian team Bosna.

I will continue to play this aggressive setup, and I hope to fine tune itand learn som more ways to use it than just pushing my kingside pawns.


Any comments are appreciated.


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