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Facts Ctranjih Cool
+The longest chess game takes theoretically 4949 moves.
During the match, M. Thorton Walker 1992 record figure in the number of families to effect without any piece of a hundred moves.
+The longest time recorded for Balit was in a match against Bobotsor Irkov 1966 in the 47th move 46
+The longest chess game lasted 269 transferred between Nikolic and Arsovic in Belgrade in 1989 and ended in a draw.
+Smaller got the title of professor in the history of chess game is Jordi Monte Renaud Jordy Mont-Reynaud age of 10 years and seven months in 1994.
+More got the title of professor in the history of chess game is Oscar Shapiro Oscar Shapiro age 76 years.
+The first leap Pawn (no pole brackets) allowance per square first applied in Spain in 1280.
+Judit Polgar Judit Polgar player HUNGARIAN (born in 1976) and is regarded as the strongest chess player in history: In the age of nine in 1986 won the New York Open Championship ungraded when won seven games and tied in one. At the age of 11 years got a classification of 2350 points, and granted the title of professor of international revoked thus has won a title smaller than Kasparov or Fischer. At the age of 12 years became classified 2555 points, and granted the title of women Algrand Masters. The obtained respectively 16th 2006
+The United States is the only country that defeated the Soviet Union twice in the Chess Olympics.
+In 1985 Nobirt Knoppert 500th playing chess match and the timing of each match was 10 minutes and 68 hours during continuous.
+Elephant-called English bishop any Bishop.