fun fun fun fun

Sep 19, 2008, 11:00 AM |

yay i have a new archery competition this weekend woohoo Laughing

im reading twilight and it is sooooooo good well really ive read twilight and reading new moon now yay i love books

me and my bestfriend yes 1 of 2 threw our hands with six fingers in art today it was soooooo funny no one would have noticed if me and jessy wernt on the flour gasping for air while laughing lol sooo funny

and me and my other best friend rachel were just like saying ohhhh myyyy godddd i love TWILIGHT ahhhhhhh and doing are crap happy dance


and i love juno its so cool so me jessy and rachel are going to have a juno party and pretend to be pregnant and we really do sound bonkers to people who are listening to use when we say this stuff


and 1 of my new things is shouting dirty scang monkey out loud to each other


and today ive never laughed so much oh wait there was that 1 time me and jessy were singing in the hall way in school "I am forbidden to produce MILK! in cyber land they only drink diet coke" lol the looks we ended up getting lol Tongue out