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Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

Jul 4, 2008, 1:08 PM 1

Love At First Sight

By:aquaspirit 77

It's the first day of school,and the halls are crowded with people frantically getting their schedules! You quietly sqeeze past them,determined to get you schedule before the school bell rings,when you see a guy on the opposite side of the hallway,staring at you.

Once he realizes that you are looking at him,he looks away,blushing.You smile softly,then continue to squeeze past people.As soon as you finally get your schedule,the bell rings and you have to report to your first period class immediately.

The day goes by pretty normally,but at fourth period,you notice that the guy you saw earlier is sitting two rows in front of you.Remembering what happened,your face turns red.After the bell rings,and you are headed for the door,you saw him standing there,waiting.His face turns a dark red as you approach him.

He walks up to you and introduces himself shyly.He tells you his name is Kioshi,and that he wanted to hang out sometime.Smiling,you nod,your face still pink from earlier.At first,he looks at you in disbelief,shocked at your response.Then he asks you to meet him at the park at seven.At that very moment,you both knew it was love at first sight.

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