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Never Leave Me

Apr 6, 2008, 3:19 PM 2

Never Leave Me

Aurthor:Wonderland Tear

"Never leave me," you whisper as your one true love hugs you tighter.Your father,the king,has ordered all available men to go to battle and,since your love is one of the best knights,he was called out instantly.Dressed as a commoner,you meet him in the stables,hoping for one last night together.You stay up all night sobbing into his arms.As dawn breaks the midnight sky,you say good-bye,knowing that you would probably never see him again.Over the next few months you listen to any conversation that has to do with the on going battle and how your love is doing.One day you hear of a battle that will happen when the two feuding armies meet in a few days.It actually,it isn't that far away from the castle.On a whim,you decide to ride out and see your love,if only for a couple of minutes.You pack some of your things and left without a word.You face the harsh weather and wilderness head on for three days,not caring as long as you have that one chance with him.While camping in the woods,you overhear the enemy army planning an early attack;afraid that the plan will throw the army off,you ride through the night and reach the campsite early.You request a meeting with your love,but he isn't too happy to see you.He scolds you for risking your life to see him and doesn't believe that the enemy is preparing an attack.You stubbornly refuse to leave until the army is set up,and surely the enemy attacks.Your love hides you in the forest,but you don't want to part with him.Stealing armour,you go into battle and fight along side your father's men.Out of the corner of your eye,you see someone de-horse your love and hold a sword to his neck.Thinking with your heart and not your mind,you run in front of the sword and it pierced through you heart.Your helmet falls off as you fall into his arms."Never leave me," you whisper.He promises he won't and also swear to love you forever.

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