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They Said "Opposites Attract"

They Said "Opposites Attract"

Jul 2, 2008, 12:34 PM 1

They Said "Opposites Attract"


You're standing in the back of the gym,wishing you could sink into a hole in the floor.You hate big crowds,and the guys pick on you and make you feel bad.

"Hey,slow-poke!" One of the guys called,and your face turns red with embarassment.

"Comin',or ya gonna crawl again?".

You feel tears forming in your eyes,but suddenly,another guy comes up to you,put an arm around your shoulders,smiles lop-sidedly and says,

"Hey dude,I'll carry her if she can't walk.She's a fair princess,anyways she shouldn't be doin' stuff like this."

You look at him in shock,and he winks at you and smiles that lop-sided smile again.You blush.

"Hey,stick with me,and I'll take care of ya," he says,and you have ever since.

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