Seattle City Championship (My 1st tournament of 2016)

Jan 18, 2016, 9:07 PM |

On January 16-17 2016, I went to the Seattle City Championship held at the SCC. There were 2 sections, Championship, and Reserve(U1800). The section I played in was Reserve. Because I didn't want to sleep at 2AM, I opted for the popular 2-day option, which I usually do. 

Ironically, the Seattle City Champion title this year went to a Portlandian, Nick Raptis(2383-2395). He drew only to provisional Nikita Chetrari(2266-2302) and won the rest of his games. The Reserve Champion was Neal Bonrud(1773-1795), who like Raptis got 4.5 and drew to Jason C Zhang(1626-1628), who Your's Truly lost to in the 1st(and only) round of the 2-day option.

That game there, was pretty bad. During the 2nd round, the 2 and 3-day schedules merged. This made me get paired against Catherine Smith. A lot of people played in that round, so an overflow room was neseccary. Playing in the overflow room were Your's Truly(1109-1158), Catherine Smith(1637-1624)(Obviously), August Piper(1500-1500), John Hyman(1546-1516), and 2 of the Velea sisters.

After this, I was the only player playing in the 3rd round who had a score of 0/2. There was also an odd number, which gave me a mandatory full-point bye in the 3rd round. The legendary TD, Fred told me that I could either play an extra game in the open section since someone there(Andrew Fletcher(1324-1314), who decided to play up) also had a mandatory bye. Fred said I could also leave early, not play and still get the point. I chose to leave early because I was exhausted at this point and I didn't want to lose more rating points.

In contrast, the next day was awesome. I was black in the 4th round against Matthew Hwang(1421-1356), who stumbled a 65 point loss in this tournament, losing to James Dixon(1254-1346) in the 2nd round, and in the 4th round, Your's Truly, boosting his rating by 49 points and tying with Anne-Marie Velea(1226-1242)(her rating was posted 1125 on the roster) for the U1200 prize. 

After a good result, I decided it was time to save stress for the next day's WA Junior Open, so I simply took a 5th round half point bye, giving me a final score of 2.5, a 49 rating point boost(1109-1158), and the U1200 prize. Stay tuned for the WA Junior Open!