Seattle Seafair 2016

Aug 2, 2016, 6:21 PM |

It was the sunny afternoon of July 22, where I arrived at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport all the way from Beijing, China. It was also the day before the 2-day option of the tournament. I was looking forward to playing higher-rated players compared to me(>1387), which I did. However, I had decided to take 2 hpbs in the first two rounds because 1. I had just gotten back and 2. My dad invited me to a picnic at some random park where I just went pokemon hunting( I am on instinct for all yous who don't know). It was 3:00 pm when I arrived back home so I decided to take a quick nap because I was really tired.

So after the nap, I obviously ate dinner and came to the Seattle Chess Club and not to my surprise, I saw the majestic TD Fred Kleist and 90 participants already settled down including William Schill(2200-2221), who won the event 4.5/5 beating out Brandon Peng(1455-1457), Richard Lavorice(1906-1901), Jason Yu(2023-1981) who btw had a HORRIBLE tournament, Michael Lin(2156-2167), and finally drawing to Roland Feng(2434-2426) who drew his 2nd round to Brendan Zhang(1880-1897), and Kyle Zhang(1339-1325)(aka the only participant who re-entered schedules apparently). In 3-day, Kyle lost to Aaryan Deshpande(2035-2075), who was visiting from California. After re-entry, Kyle lost games to Mary Kuhner(1964-1949), Brandon Jiang(1577-1543), and drew games to Gavin Burt(755-880), who btw beat August Piper(1500-1500)(who lost every game he played) and Kyle scored a win against Lawrence Susanka(1262-1253), with a hpb in the end. When I arrived that evening at 6:30, believe it or not, it was STILL sunny out.

Because my unofficial had me as 1143, I was paired against Angelo Bravo(1600-1618)(Finally off his floor), which in one point of the game I blundered a knight, and eventually the game. Slightly before the game though, Evan Ruan(1548-1557) told me that taking my 2 byes in the 1st 2 rounds was a good idea so I could play higher rated players.

Here is the 1st game:

That was day 1. 3 games for everyone else and 1 evening game for me. When I went out of the SCC building, my lord was it almost 10 and SUPER dark out. I just wanted to get home and get a lot of sleep since I was really tired.

The next day, I as expected found myself playing someone 80 points higher rated than me, Brian Raffel(1449-1430). I won that game, and got the upset prize that round(my rating was 1143 according to Fred the TD).

So what happened afterwards is that my opponent at one point had his pawn on my 2nd rank ready to promote, which lead me thinking about what to do for the next 30 minutes. I gingerly tried a tactic involving a temporary minor sac, and it worked. I stopped him from promoting, and was guaranteed promotion.

The final round was when things got crappy. I found myself paired against Samuel Deng(1659-1676) and at one point of the game, I got really sleepy lmao, which caused me to make random moves, and lose. I don't have to post the game because Samuel(his CDC is RookSacrifice), already did in his blog. 

Anyways, I got 2/5 with 2 hpbs, which got me 9 points(1387-1396). Which I am happy about. However though, I might as well play Booster in the Oregon Open since I didn't go past 1400. Bummer. Anyways, cya at the OR Open if anyone is going there!