2015 December SCC Tornado

Jan 4, 2016, 6:57 PM |

On December 20 2015, I went to the December SCC Tornado obviously held at the Seattle Chess Club. The legendary TD was Fred Kleist. I was delighted to see a very strong field. Out of 32 people, the field consisted of masters NM Michael Lee(2503), FM Nikita Chetrari(2277), CM Cale McCormick (from Rhode Island)(2204), FM Bill Schill(2270), FM Ignacio Perez(2269), LM Viktors (Unkel Vik)(2200) Pupols. 

Coming in to the tornado, my rating was as low as 990 after a bizarre  result from the WA Class (A popular tournament over thanksgiving weekend). Seeing the field consisting of 6 masters and experts Ethan Bashkansky(2184) and Dereque D Kelley(2186) and an average rating of 1700ish, I knew I had to try hard. Luckily, I wasn't the lowest person. The lowest rated person was Isaias Oregel(741). I was the 2nd lowest rated player.

Enough of the players/ratings. During the 1st round, I had black against an old man named Peter O'Gorman(1815-1815). The opening played was a Staunton-Cochrane Sicilian. It was a fairly close game until I blundered my bishop, a very important one. The moment I resigned, Peter said "Thank you," because it was the start of a Seahawks game.

My 2nd round was a lot closer, but I still lost. I was white against Aidan Lawler(1264-1271), someone at my school and in my grade. The opening was a classical Scotch. After playing the Scotch Gambit for a long time(and losing a lot of games), I decided it was time to switch to the normal Scotch. Our game was an even closer one compared to my 1st game until I lost in a king/pawn endgame. At the end of the game, Aidan had 4 passed pawns when I only had  one. On move 50ish, I got my king and only passed pawn forked, so I had to lose my only passed pawn and lose the game.

Coming into the 3rd round, I was lucky to play the lowest rated player of the tornado, Isaias Oregel(741-726). With me playing black, the opening was an East Indian Defense. In the middle of the game, I managed to lose 2 of my central pawns due to bad play. On move 39, my opponent let go of his queen on a square making it hanging. I told him he let go, but he wouldn't agree even though many people saw him. I was about to get the TD, but he reluctantly agreed, and I took the queen which led to winning the game. 

However, there were some upsets in this same round as well. Revanth Pothukuchi(1604-1630), a class B player beat popular chess coach Mike Hosford(1967-1933),a class A player, posting a 363 point upset. At the same time, Wade McCorkle(1292-1342), an underrated class D player beat August Piper(1507-1500), a class C player, posting a 215 point upset. When all games were finished, August Piper(1.5/4) then insulted Mike Hosford(1/4), causing Hosford to lose his temper, and withdrawing. TD Fred then hoped everyone was civil the next round. He also made Piper write an apology letter to Hosford. 

Enough of the 3rd round chaos. In the 4th and final round, I was white and faced SCC president August Piper. The opening was a sicilian defense. On move 17, I blundered my queen to August's discovery, causing me to resign. 

After all, I only posted 1 out of 4 and a 3 point drop. I also didn't qualify for prizes. I sure hope I do better next time!