WA G/60 Championship 2015

Jan 6, 2016, 8:20 PM |

On Monday December 28th-Tuesday December 29th, I participated in the 2015 WA G/60 Championship(I am surprised to be playing on a monday/tuesday). After a bad performance from the tornado the week prior, I hoped to get a good performance(which I did). I got 3/6 while taking 2 hpbs. 

Day 1:Like said at the top, I had a game as black against Arjun Thomas(1906-1898). The opening was an open sicilian. I unfortunately made a ton of mistakes, which explains exactly how I lost. In contrast, provisional and underrated Alex Kaelin(684-758) had an impressive upset against Brandon Jiang(1343-1287). This 659 point upset guaranteed Kaelin a 74 point gain even though he sadly lost his other games. Good work Alex! Although Alex Kaelin's 659 point upset was awesome, provisional Raymond Bai(414-654)'s upset against Jasen Reeves(1386-1390) was even better! This 972 point upset contributed to Raymond's 240 point gain. Congratulations!

Moving on to the 2nd round, I was in low confidence due to the bad game I played with Arjun. Luckily, I was white paired against someone nearly a class below me, Sophie Velea(811-952). The opening was again a sicilian, but a normal one. Because of blunders, I won the game in just 19 moves!

On to round 3, where Your's Truly(987-1109) had the upset. I played white against Brian Chen(1655-1629), who is in my health class as of this date. The game was another sicillian! 

Day 2:I came into the 4th round with 2/3(with 1 win being a 600ish point upset), so I was expecting myself to do good again(although I didn't). So in that round, I played(and lost to) WCF coordinator Dan(Mr. Matthews) Matthews(1709-1683). For the 1st time in the tournament, this was a non-sicilian game. I was black and Dan played 1.d4.

After all, I took 2 hpbs in rounds 5-6 and didn't get a prize. But I got a 122 rating point gain boosting it to 1100.