At The Movies: Oscar Picks & More

At The Movies: Oscar Picks & More

Feb 19, 2013, 3:09 PM |

The Academy Awards are in few days and although I haven't seen all the nominated films; I thought it would be nice to take a look back at some of the past year's films.  First, the ones I didn't like.  I'll give very brief comments and if preceded by a "$", then that means I wish I had my money back.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen- good cast, bad writing, $$ Dark Shadows- I'd like to tell Tim Burton where he can stick this reboot, $ Prometheus- Sir Ridley, wherefore art thou?, Hope Springs- Tommy Lee Jones looked better at the Golden Globes, Guilt Trip- take the off ramp

Now to the films that I liked but didn't garner any nominations.  As above there are brief comments and if preceded by a "+" that means I found them to be a guilty pleasure despite what other critics may think.

Chronicle- Best film about telekinesis since The Fury, + John Carter of Mars- I'm ready for another trip back to Barsoom, Hunger Games- Jennifer Lawrence saved this one, + The 3 Stooges- Stupidity at its best, Cabin in the Woods- Best mix of horror/sci-fi but failed in the climax, The Avengers- Pure fun, best of the Marvel comic series, + Seeking a Friend for the End of the World- the Hollies song near the end secured this in my memory, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel- really should be a tv series, Brave- animation reaches a new level but the story... meh, The Dark Knight Rises- Best conclusion of a trilogy I've ever seen, + Looper- Bruce Willis vs. his past self AND Emily Blunt is blonde!, + Mama- this ghost has plenty of spirit but the ending may vex you.

Now, my Oscar picks. I will focus on the major categories.  Please keep in mind that I saw only 25 films this past year.  If you saw one that I didn't, then feel free to enlighten me.  For instance, I really wanted to see Anna Karenina which (from the trailer I saw) may deserve nom's for costume design, etc.  So, here I go.

Original Screenplay- Django Unchained,    Adapted Screenplay- Silver Linings Playbook (next best ARGO),  Visual Effects- Prometheus,   Production Design- Lincoln,  Film Editing- Zero Dark Thirty, 

Best Director- David O. Russell for Silver Linings Playbook (and I must agree with those who say Ben Affleck got snubbed)

Supporting Actress- Sally Field for Lincoln                                                            
Supporting Actor- Robert DeNiro for Silver Linings Playbook                                 Best Actress- Jennifer Lawrence for  Silver Linings  "                                           
Best Actor- Bradley Cooper for Silver Linings "

Best Picture- Silver Linings Playbook

Yeah, I'm going pretty much "all in" for Silver Linings Playbook.  Up until I saw this movie things were otherwise pretty tight in the top categories.  For instance, I would have had to make a tough call between Christoph Waltz in Django or Tommy Lee in Lincoln.  Then along came DeNiro easily eclipsing the others. 

As for Argo, while it has earned plenty of awards; it is just not as well crafted as Silver Linings.  Argo is vastly more entertaining than Zero Dark Thirty.  So, despite what previous awards Argo has won; I think the Academy will go for a film with a team of actors at their peak.

I'll be watching Sunday.  Hope you are too!