Following David Pruess suggestion for learning new openings, The Ruy Lopez aka, the Spanish Game

Jan 6, 2013, 4:58 PM |

Before I continue with discussing the positional considerations inherent in the Ruy Lopez.  I really want to encourage everyone to setup the Ruy Lopez position, e4, e5, Nf3, Nc6, Bb5, and to study it, and to consider the position.







 When studying the basic position, think about what diagonals might be the best to control that will give the most control of the position for the bishops, which files might open up, which targets might be attackable.  For ideas on what to look at, look at my previous article.  I particularly encourage those of you reading this after the next article is published to thoroughly do this before reading the next article. 

Then after you have studied the basic position, to then review my previous articles and get more ideas for positional considerations.  Then you will of followed David Pruess' suggestion for the first step in studying a new opening, to setup the position on the board and to just look at it, and study it, and determine what are the aspects of the position.

In my next article I will talk about what David Pruess says is the next step in learning a new opening and applying it to the Ruy Lopez.